Top Five Videos Businesses Should Make

With the endless growth of social media today, we can’t deny that almost everybody, regardless of age or generation, has become hooked on various platforms. This gives companies more choices in how to market services or products. Though it is known to be an “overwhelming” type of marketing strategy, one of the most plausibly potent ways to catch audiences is through videos. Notice how you pause or go back to a previous video post every time you scroll on your phone?

According to a study by global marketing research firm Nielsen, home-bound consumers have led to a 60% increase in the amount of video content watched globally. The pandemic has kept people from going out; over 53% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand they like. This is the reason why 87% of marketers use videos for marketing. Several types of content are on different delivery channels like YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook. Let’s discuss the most critical and influential types of content companies should present to meet their marketing goals, from promotional videos to explainers.


Testimonial videos

Picture this: You just moved in, and with all the unpacking, you got hungry and craved for some Chinese takeout. The thing is, you don’t know any good restaurants. So you search for the nearest Chinese takeaway, check the reviews, and ask some of your friends for recommendations. This situation somehow defines how testimonial videos work. You see, people influence people. These days, people find social proof as a means to show a brand’s credibility. These videos show the effectiveness of a product or service in the eyes of a real customer. Authenticity is vital in a video testimonial. To maximize the story’s credibility and effectiveness, you should prioritize telling a customer’s story on their own terms. It will show your brand’s trustworthiness, which makes this kind of video believable.


Company Culture videos

We all know how the workplace environment plays a part in team member productivity and quality. A company culture video plays an essential role in the business since it shows how you are as an employer and if you value your employees and customers. These videos depend on the industry you are in, and what values are important to you. Nonetheless, making these videos is fun since you can choose what content to present—from an average day inside your office to corporate events. These videos show prospective employees what’s in store for them if they become a part of your team.


Video ads

Notice how almost every video content cuts to a short advertisement that you have to either skip after a few seconds or wait until the ad finishes before resuming the video? Some appear so frequently that you start to memorize or mock them. When done right, these video ads allow a lot of artistic freedom to catch a particular audience’s attention. The first five seconds of the video could make or break your ad. Users are encouraged to remain on social networking platforms and are most likely to sit through an ad. As a result, video ads can be seen as an awareness tool. The goal is to make a short but visually appealing video.


Video Series

The best way to connect with your audience is to create a video series to tell them a story associated with your business. An entertaining video series will humanize your brand, gaining the attention of your views and relating to them on a more universal level. With this form of video, you can choose from drama, comedy, or any other genre that can pique someone’s interest while remaining genuine. The content must have meaning in a way that communicates with audiences on a deep, intimate level for it not to appear like a sales pitch.


Explainer videos

Often, a short and simple example is required to make people identify how a product or service works. Explainer videos are known to successfully introduce a new brand or service. Up to 85% of customers are more likely to purchase a product or service after seeing an explainer video, as per Internet Retailer. An explainer video does not just answer some of the most frequently asked questions and allows you to deliver the best pitch globally. When paired with the right hashtags, keywords, and descriptions, explainer videos increase your search ranking potential on Google and YouTube, allowing new customers to find your brand. It’s also a fantastic tool to use on different social media platforms and on your website’s homepage.


The Takeaway:

Across all social media platforms, videos appear to outperform other forms of marketing, and there are various forms of these that your business should try. Given that most online users no longer have the patience or time to read an entire article or blog post, using creative, well-produced video content is a great way to reach and engage with them quickly. If you don’t have a marketing team in place, service providers such as SOPHI offer creative services such as videography, digital marketing, and graphic design. We hope that you’ll be eager to welcome the benefits of this marketing strategy after reading this.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.”

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