Top Three Things You Should Never Do When Outsourcing

There are many reasons why the number of businesses opting to outsource is rising, but the challenges in outsourcing are often not mentioned. In this article, we’ll go through the three common mistakes when outsourcing: 


1. Not establishing specific project requirements. 

One of the most challenging aspects of outsourcing is determining an accurate cost estimate. Although scrimping on the tasks to outsource will save you money, it could be the reason for your downfall if not managed correctly. You can’t estimate costs without exactly knowing what goal you want to achieve with your business. Oftentimes, you’ll figure out more tasks that need to be outsourced in the middle of the project. This could affect the pricing negotiations.

Figure out how the pricing strategy works to avoid unanticipated expenses and explain your budget constraints to the vendor to prevent future misunderstandings. 


2. Outsourcing everything. 

The primary function of outsourcing is to free you from the daily tasks that eat up your time and hinder you from focusing on the core function of your business. If there are manageable tasks that you can finish, don’t outsource them. It’s still vital to have control over your company’s flow or direction, so being hands-on, especially with the most critical matters, is essential. Plus, it won’t be efficient and would cost you a lot. Thus, it wouldn’t be that wise. 


3. Not being thorough enough when it comes to the legalese. 

Depending on your outsourcing provider’s location, you may be required to sign various additional documents that are not part of your country’s legal process but are crucial to theirs. 

Discuss every aspect of the process, including scenarios in which your provider fails to deliver or makes a mistake, especially regarding security concerns. Specified agreed terms, conditions, service levels, and other pertinent matters should all be included and discussed in your contract to avoid any misunderstanding that can lead to severe consequences.


Outsourcing will certainly have some difficulties, especially when you’re new in the industry, so it is critical to select a reputable company. Choose an experienced team when outsourcing, such as SOPHI, to help you identify the exact needs of your business. Find a reliable company that can help you grow your business while maintaining your vision and mission. Doing so will also assure you of efficiency with the proper evaluation of your outsourced teamwork.

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