The Power of Filipino Outsourcing: Your Business Game-Changer

Outsourcing in the Philippines takes shape as a substantial economic foundation–playing a crucial part in creating jobs and significantly boosting the nation’s economic revenue.

The Philippines boasts a significant outsourcing history, maintaining its position as a premier and top-tier choice, and it exhibits no signs of diminishing.

Therefore, if you’re considering outsourcing tech solutions and customer support services, the Philippines presents a wealth of advantages to explore because Filipinos have so much more to offer beyond karaoke battles!

“This increase raised the total number of employees in the BPO sector to a remarkable 1.57 million.”

According to the IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines, the Philippines, in terms of workforce, has marked an 8.4% surge compared to last year’s overall result. This increase raised the total number of employees in the BPO sector to a remarkable 1.57 million.

These statistics paint a very clear image of a prospering Philippine outsourcing industry that propels the nation forward, not just economically. But also shows how Filipinos are adaptive in navigating diverse cultural landscapes within various work spheres. This versatility extends seamlessly across different aspects of work, underscored by their ability to transcend language barriers and engage effectively with individuals from different backgrounds, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration in business.

It is certainly undeniable that the Philippines is widely regarded as a top destination, not just for tourism but also in the corporate world for its skilled professionals.

Here’s a list to give you the reasons for the hows and whys:

Skilled and Experienced Talent

  • Despite popular beliefs, you might be surprised to learn that the Philippines encompasses more than just being “call centers.”

    BPO companies, particularly SOPHI Outsourcing, offer various fields of expertise, whether in the IT field, such as tech support, back office support, customer support, digital marketing, and more! Talents at SOPHI are resourceful and fast learners with a large pool of talented and English-proficient professionals.

Cultural Compatibility

  • And of course! Finding the light at the end of the tunnel, the Philippines’ complex history of colonization by various foreign powers, including Spain, the United States, Japan, and Portugal, has deeply influenced its culture and identity.

    Filipinos have embraced Western cultural traditions and lifestyles, facilitating seamless communication and relationship building with international partners in the business process outsourcing industry.

Flexible and Strategic Timezone

  • Outsourcing to the Philippines lets businesses operate around the clock, leveraging the time difference to their advantage. With a skilled, English-proficient workforce, businesses can assign tasks to their offshore team during their regular work hours and get results back the next day.

    This setup boosts productivity and efficiency while controlling costs, as businesses can maintain a lean local team and outsource additional work to the Philippines.

    This flexibility also means businesses can easily adjust their operations without dealing with the hassles of hiring, training, and setting up infrastructure, saving time and money!

Quality yet cost-effective

  • You can never go wrong with Filipino’s commitment to producing quality work. Filipinos value clients’ businesses as much as they do.

    Despite being a low-cost alternative for businesses, Filipinos are known for their ability to be very competitive. Hence, the quality work.

    The cost of living and doing business is roughly 50% lower than in most Western countries, providing significant cost savings of up to 70% on employee costs alone. 

Indeed, the Philippines has emerged as a hidden gem for businesses worldwide. With its strategic location, business-friendly policies, and large pool of highly educated workers, the Philippines has become a prime destination for companies looking to outsource their operations.

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