Why Outsourcing Live Chat Has Its Perks

Why Outsourcing Live Chat Has Its Perks

Because of its affordability and effectiveness, live chat has remained one of the most successful customer service channels to date. It has advantages that will help your business succeed. Companies are searching for cost-effective solutions in the midst of the economic downturn. With the current state of the economy, outsourcing live chat has increased in popularity.

Businesses that are unaware of live chat outsourcing depend on their in-house team to handle it, which adds to their other responsibilities. Letting your employees manage it can not only be inconvenient for them, but it is also expensive. Here are five perks of outsourcing live chat.

  1. Experienced staff. Companies that provide outsourcing services have well-trained and skilled employees. This means that the customers get the support and expertise they need. This will also help you save money on training your staff, as training and development costs are on the account of the outsourcing provider.

  2. Re-defined focus. Customer service is essential to the success of every company. With a dedicated team solely handling that aspect for you, you and your team can concentrate on critical areas such as operations, marketing, sales, and distribution. By outsourcing live chat services, your team members can now focus more on other critical aspects of their work.

  3. Fewer expansion costs. Company expansions will affect the cost of rent, salaries, and utility bills. Letting your outsourced team handle your live chat services will help you grow your customer support coverage without incurring high costs. Most business process outsourcing companies charge considerably lower rates especially when they’re located in countries like the Philippines.

  4. Real-time coverage. Many customers usually reach out to you after office hours. Save the hassle of employing staff at odd hours by having your outsourced staff respond to your customers in real time. Most outsourcing vendors, such as SOPHI, operate 24/7. With this, you can double your ability to “be there” for your customers, thus earning their trust and loyalty.

  5. Customer-centered support. With the aim of reducing costs, several companies turn to chatbots to handle their chat support. However, this can feel impersonal to customers. Outsourcing live chat to a BPO can help humanize your business with an actual agent on the other end of the line. Make your customers feel connected. Customers will feel more at ease if your chat operators engage with them in conversation. Customers are more likely to maintain a positive relationship with your organization if they receive personalized responses.

Outsourced live chat services have become a trend in these modern times. The Philippines is one of the world’s top destinations for business process outsourcing. Choosing a BPO company in this country would give you a competitive advantage.

Outsourcing—a Business’ Solution to Survival in the Midst of a Pandemic

Outsourcing—a Business’ Solution to Survival in the Midst of a Pandemic

With the global market being affected by the pandemic, entrepreneurs are now more hesitant to invest in scaling their businesses. In the latest survey by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 41.3% of businesses reported temporarily closing because of COVID-19. Business conditions continue to worsen, and survival is at risk. Here are reasons why outsourcing can be a survival plan in this pandemic.


  • Affordability – Outsourcing decreases spending compared to hiring in-house. With increasing health benefits required to attract talent, hiring additional employees onshore can rack up the costs of running your business. Outsourcing reduces the cost of manpower with a considerably lower cost of labor in BPO destinations like the Philippines.
  • Scalability – Outsourcing allows firms to grow operations to ease the burden of their workload. Almost any task can now be outsourced, and the latest software and technology are accessible online. Companies such as SOPHI, offer a wide range of services, from customer support to digital marketing.
  • Flexibility – Outsourcing providers have the ability to increase the number of manpower according to your needs. Resources can be added during your business’ peak seasons to support the demands of your customers. After which, you can easily scale back to your core team onshore when you reach the lean months.


A recent study by McKinsey & Company claimed that 90 percent of executives said they expect COVID-19 to fundamentally change how they do business in the next five years. Smart strategies are needed to get through these challenging times. Outsourcing has become a viable solution to the growing pains of many businesses in this pandemic. Combining the right strategies with the help of a reputable service provider offers a long-term plan to help businesses outlive this crisis.

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