Everything You Need To Know About Seat Leasing with BPOs

Seat leasing has become a popular option for companies looking for more affordable ways to run their offshore operations. Leasing seats is one of the many solutions that an outsourcing company can offer you and your business.


What is Seat Leasing?


Seat leasing is an outsourced business model where clients desire to manage their employees’ hiring, onboarding, and management without worrying about the upkeep of facilities or the maintenance of tangible assets like desks, computers, internet connections, and facilities.

The first introduction of seat leasing was aimed at the target market of small and medium-sized businesses that lack the resources to establish and build their offices. Although leasing seats has advantages, not all industries can benefit entirely. You need to consider some things before choosing whether this configuration would help fit your company. 


Types of BPO Seat Leasing


There are several types of seat leasing arrangements. You may be interested in all, some, or none of them. The arrangement you choose depends on your specific needs and circumstances.


Warm Seat Leasing

Warm seat leasing refers to leasing fully furnished office workstations or seats for a set period, either temporarily or permanently. It is a well-liked choice for start-ups, independent contractors, small businesses, and offshore firms wishing to establish a presence or grow their operations without making substantial upfront expenditures in premises and infrastructure. It also includes the option to employ staff for several roles, such as administrative and accounting work.


Cold Seat Leasing

Cold seat leasing includes all the essentials of warm seat leasing, such as a computer, internet connection, a desk, and other necessities. However, it doesn’t have an option to hire staff. 


Co-Working Seat Lease

Co-working seat leasing is a flexible office setting in which people or organizations can hire a desk or other workstation within a co-working space. In contrast to traditional office spaces, co-working spaces offer a shared setting where several people or businesses can collaborate.

For a set amount of time, such as a day, week, month, or even longer-term contract, people or businesses can rent a specific number of seats or workstations within a co-working space. Various amenities, such as desks, seats, internet access, meeting spaces, common areas, and occasionally additional services like printing, reception, and coffee facilities, are offered by co-working spaces in general.


Advantages of Seat Leasing


Cost Effective

Seat leasing with a BPO is cost-effective because it allows you to pay for only what you need when you need it. You’re not paying for an entire year’s worth of empty or underutilized seats. You can lease only as many seats as your business needs at any given time, cutting overhead costs and making your company more efficient.

You can also save money by leasing your seats instead of buying them outright: when you rent instead of buy, you won’t have any depreciation costs or capital outlays associated with purchasing the equipment outright. This means that over time, your organization will be able to keep up with changing technology without having to spend money on upgrades and renovations—which can save thousands upon thousands of dollars over the course of many years!


Improved Data Security

Seat leasing with a BPO company ensures a secure environment for your data. As a client, you’re responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your data and ensuring that it is not compromised by unauthorized access. Seat leasing with a BPO company helps you achieve this by allowing you to physically secure your servers and other property and access them remotely.


Focus on Core Competencies

Starting a business can be a daunting process. By leveraging seat leasing services, you may speed up the procedure and start running immediately, confident that everything is in place.

The benefit of leasing call center seats is that you may launch your business immediately without worrying about anything once you’ve secured the contracts and operational needs. This lets you focus your attention and resources on other crucial facets of your business, like boosting productivity, increasing sales, and looking into growth opportunities.

SOPHI Outsourcing is a Seat Leasing Company!


Unlock the full potential of your business without being constrained by limited resources. Our comprehensive seat leasing service provides you with top-notch facilities and state-of-the-art equipment necessary for seamless operations, all at an affordable price point. We are dedicated to serving businesses of all sizes, mainly supporting small to medium enterprises. Our ultimate objective is to foster the growth of your business and cultivate a robust and enduring partnership.

For more information about seat leasing with SOPHI, check out our Facebook page and visit our website.

Written by Chlei Von Garcia

SOPHI Outsourcing

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