Three Ways to Manage Offshore Outsourcing Effectively

Offshore outsourcing is a business strategy in which a company works with a third-party company to operate specific tasks for the business with cheaper labor costs but similar expertise. Offshoring has become an integral aspect of many companies across the globe. In fact, 68% of organizations in the U.S are currently outsourcing and working with offshore teams.

While working with an offshore team has many benefits, it also has its own difficulties when managed incorrectly.

So, how do you effectively manage a team miles away from you?

Share Your Vision

Before you start your project, be precise about your objectives. Outline the project’s objectives, targets, and timescales in detail. Doing so will help create a comprehensive work strategy. Build a culture for your offshore outsourcing team that allows everyone to see the big picture. Your offshore staff will solve difficulties from a new perspective once they understand the vision.


Regularly Communicate

Good communication among employees, whether in-house or remote, is critical to the company’s long-term success. Consider establishing check-ins or daily meetings to stay on top of your projects’ progress. One of the internet’s many advantages is that it allows seamless communication between silos and people working remotely. Video calls and instant messaging are the most convenient ways to connect with your team. Statistics reveal that up to 94% of businesses included in the study said video call meetings effectively improved their productivity.


Choosing the Right Talent

Choosing the right individuals to work with is crucial in building your business. You wouldn’t want to spend most of your time assisting one team with all the other vital tasks for your company.

It is essential to have a team that is self-sufficient to avoid micromanaging. You could work with a reliable offshore partner like SOPHI, which specializes in building great teams by selecting the right staff to fit your business and help its growth. Working with an outsourced company that understands its responsibilities can ensure success.


Hiring offshore teams can definitely help you in achieving your most grandiose objectives. You can also save costs and receive immediate access to a global talent pool. Regardless of location, there are several opportunities to operate the best practices to achieve high performance by managing your teams effectively.

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