Why Outsource to Dumaguete City?

For many years, outsourcing has made significant changes and has been of great help in building the foundation of many startups. The Philippines, among other countries, has been the preferred destination of many western companies and has remained to be the BPO capital of the world.

Outsourcing companies are primarily concentrated in Metro Manila. However, due to the government’s unceasing efforts to help provinces’ economies, most BPOs have spread out in various parts of the Philippines.

Dumaguete City is one of the top-ranking cities in the Philippines for outsourcing, and here are five reasons why.

Education. Apart from being “The City of Gentle People,” Dumaguete is also dubbed a “University Town” by the locals. Dumaguete City has a total of four universities and is a host to other colleges and schools. With the city’s comprehensive university and vocational school support, the town produces thousands of graduates each year, with promising young professionals entering the labor force.

Millennial Workforce. Majority of today’s workforce now consists of millennials. Dumaguete residents that belong to this age bracket have grown up with the rise of technology, exposing them to modern tools, social media training options, and online educational institutes. They enter the marketplace tech-savvy and fully equipped with the knowledge to thrive in a fast-paced environment. Most importantly, businesses benefit from the young and hardworking Filipinos’ drive, ambition, and energy.

Lower Cost of Operations. One of the advantages of outsourcing in Dumaguete City is its affordability itself. Due to the minimalist way of living in the city the cost of most goods and services are almost half of those in larger cities. Business owners save up on labor costs and other expenses, such as office space rental, equipment, salaries, taxes, and many more.

English Proficiency. Along with the national language, Filipino/Tagalog, most of the country’s population has a strong proficiency in English. Locals can communicate through any channel, be it verbal or written. This is one of the top reasons why American businesses choose the Philippines when it comes to outsourcing.

Infrastructure. Outsourcing to Dumaguete won’t be difficult because of the number of available and affordable offices in town. These offices are certified by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) and are also backed with fiber-optic lines to ensure smooth and continuous operations.

With its rising popularity, Dumaguete is now seen as a practical destination for outsourcing services. With the increasing abundance of BPOs in Dumaguete, getting the right provider can be easy. Companies such as SOPHI, known for their tagline, “Outsourcing Made Easy for Startups,” are among the few who offer services such as customer service, lead generation, back office, search engine optimization, digital marketing, etc.

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