Five Effective Tips to Ace Your Virtual Interview

As companies resume their operations amidst the pandemic, recruitment has been done virtually to avoid the risk of catching the virus. Virtual interviews are starting to become the new norm for job seekers these days. Regardless of what platform an employer decides to conduct the interview, the aspiring candidate should act as if it were conducted in the office.

The biggest mistake a lot of candidates make during a virtual interview is not paying attention to minor details such as the clothes they’re wearing, their background, or the research prior to the interview. As a result, they may not be able to move forward with the process.

Here are five effective ways to help you stand out during the interview and leave a remarkable impression on your interviewer.


Check your equipment before the scheduled interview.

A common lapse a lot of candidates make is waiting until the last minute to test their equipment and attempt to grasp how the platform works. This is where most candidates bump into technical issues or find out that they still need to download a supporting software. Consequently, they are running the risk of not getting the job because of being late for the interview.

The moment an interview is scheduled and confirmed, make sure to take the time to test out the interview platform, as well as the strength of your internet connection, and anything else that could possibly delay your interview.


Research common questions.

Going into an interview without prior preparation for the questions that could be asked is a mistake that every candidate should avoid. Commonly, most interviewers rely on two types of interview questions: behavioral and situational. Behavioral questions focus on past experiences, while situational questions pose hypothetical situations that ask candidates how they would handle them


Show clear body language.

Interviews that are done virtually tend to limit the ability to communicate with body language. That’s why it’s important to be able to clearly use body language in a professional way. Make sure to avoid slouching and ensure that you frame your face in the middle of the screen, leaving enough space above and below your head. In physical interviews, candidates would normally shake hands with the interviewer. Instead, find other ways to show enthusiasm, such as smiling and showing confidence with eye contact.


Be your natural self and engage with the interviewer.

It’s perfectly normal to be nervous during an interview because naturally, a candidate would want to impress the interviewer. When you come to an interview prepared, you’re more likely to show the best version of yourself. Make sure to smile and don’t hesitate to engage with the interviewer. Don’t let the physical distance between you and the interviewer hinder you from showing your personality.


Pay attention to details.

Consider how your background appears on camera. It might contradict what you have on your resume, especially if it says you’re organized but you have a messy bed in the background. Take time to tidy up and look presentable. Make sure to remove anything that’s considered inappropriate or distracting for the interviewer.

Additionally, make sure to dress your best. Even if you’re at home, put yourself in the right frame of mind, and wear a full business professional outfit instead of just a plain shirt.


Even though a virtual interview is between two screens, it’s still important to make it feel like an in-person interview. Make sure to speak clearly, have your thoughts organized, and exude confidence with body language. Employers can always sense when a candidate is awkward on camera. Let your awesome self shine through virtually, and you’ll get your dream job in no time!

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