Five Ways to Reduce Turnover in Customer Service

Over the last few years, customer service has played an important role in the growth of companies. However, in a study conducted by The Quality Assurance & Training Connection, the annual average turnover of US contact center agents ranges over 30 percent. High employee turnover doesn’t only add inconvenience to your business but will also cost you financially, as recruiting and training new employees can be quite pricey.

Customer service can be a tough job since they deal with different kinds of customers, with different stressful situations, and not to mention the high volume of calls they get every day. This is also the reason why some customer service agents get burnout. A high turnover rate shows an employee’s hardships at work. Like any other job, the key is to give your agents the right reasons to carry on.

Here are five ways you can empower employees and reduce your turnover rate.

Create a compelling onboarding experience. Employees are less likely to leave a company when they’re engaged. A dynamic onboarding process results in happier employees. This helps them get to know the company better and allows them to engage with other employees without a problem.

Always give recognition to your team. Rewarding employees for personal excellence will help them feel more valued. Recognition can be through company email blasts, team events, or even by giving them the opportunity to choose the shift they prefer. These are just simple ways you can do to reduce employee burnout.

Listen to employee feedback. Make sure that you regularly check in with your agents and listen to their views and suggestions on how a process can be improved. Let them know that their opinions matter by simply implementing their ideas. At the end of the day, it’s your agent that know and understand your customers better than anyone else in the company.

Promote employee well-being. Today, a company’s success is not only defined by profits but also by how the company motivates and retains its employees. You should create strategies that aim to build employee morale, improve productivity, and increase employee retention.

Hire the right people. Retaining employees starts with hiring the right employees. Any agent that becomes part of the company is also a new window to your customers. Make sure that you hire those who show characteristics that fit the company’s culture. Having employees that don’t match the workplace culture won’t stay long and will take their skills elsewhere.

Employee turnover can’t be completely eliminated. However, you can reduce it by providing your employees with a workplace where they feel comfortable and valued.

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