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Our edge? We only hire agents with extensive experience in your industry. We have handpicked agents who fit your company’s vision, mission, and culture, so they can grow with your business!

Customer Service

We are very experienced in order taking, billing, appointment setting, sales, and customer relations via email, chat, or phone.

Technical Support

From troubleshooting desktops to fixing your online store, we have a team of smart computer technicians and programmers ready to help!

Back-Office Support

Our team is experienced in data entry, lead generation, and research. We’ve been instrumental in helping new companies find new markets through extensive data studies.

Digital Marketing

We can manage your online presence through social media management, SEO, and content creation. We provide support for website development and design, as well as CMS and data curation.

Student Verifications

We work with companies to verify information from digital footprint to employment history, making onboarding and hiring employees for your team seamless and efficient!

Travel Reservations

We have strong ties in the  travel industry. We work with several travel companies in the space of airfare booking, hotel reservations, and travel activities.

iOS Troubleshooting

Our iOS ninjas can troubleshoot iPads and iPhones, fixing internet connectivity, mobile applications, and other iOS-related bugs.

Food Ordering

We provide customer service and back-office support to on-demand delivery apps, which also include menu creation, logistics, and copywriting.

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